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Organizations are Using Best CRM Tools to Successfully
Operate Remotely

The way companies operate and conduct businesses in the new era has been completely redefined. With organizations happily embracing work from home, work on the go, co-working spaces, and remote working, these latest trends have become prevalent, and companies are getting rid of traditional working environments. Today it is no longer essential for the employees to be in the office to collaborate with their colleagues, or to follow-up with prospects, or to conduct video chats with clients. Now, employees can effectively work from anywhere without affecting their productivity, due to the presence of the Internet and cloud storage.

Due to the shift in the working environments, business leaders and managers need to find ways to build better ways to coordinate with their teams from diverse locations, time zones, and work hours. Besides, they should also focus on strengthening their organization’s connection with its customers and foster stronger relationships within the new customer base. With organizations realizing that digital communication is the only means to stay connected, then they need to invest in technologies that improve their remote management skills. It is worth investing in CRM that will be of immense benefit to the organizations of today. 

Features of Zoho CRM that will prove Beneficial for Companies include:

Data Sharing & Team Collaboration – Zoho CRM is integrated with an instant messaging app like Zoho Cliq, which users can use to share reports, records, and dashboards. With Zoho CRM even managers can set up rules for workflow, reminders for activity, along with anomaly notifications for their team members through Cliq. With a built-in collaboration tool like Feeds, CRM users can instantly send messages and communicate with employees in different roles. Zoho CRM also integrates with Microsoft teams that allow managers to share dashboards with other users who are not part of their CRM account. The sales team can integrate their CRM accounts with Google Drive accounts to easily share files, folders, and other attachments.

Virtual Meetings – Organizations need to stay connected with remote teams to stay up to date on everyone’s work and to boost up the team spirit. It also holds for the sales team, as with the help of this software they can host virtual meetings, training sessions, product demos that are essential to keep customers engaged. The Zoho CRM sync with online meeting providers like GoToMeeting, and Zoho Meeting. Thus meetings can be arranged from the CRM account, and representatives can invite prospects, save meetings, track the number of attendees, and even initiate meetings from a CRM record.

Integration with Other Services – Companies can empower their team by integrating Zoho CRM with other services. Business leaders need to break down objectives into smaller, and actionable items that easily transform into the daily activities of their workforce. Businesses can integrate Zoho CRM with popular telephony services like Twilio, Jive, and more so that sales representatives can make and receive calls from CRM. Both incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged into the Activities module, and once a call is over, representatives can take down notes, create follow-up activities, or transfer a customer to another department and can even set reminders for upcoming calls or add a follow-up call.

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