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Empower your Remote Salesforce with the World’s Best ZOHO CRM Software

Zoho CRM, as a cloud collaboration platform, has been a pioneer of software as a service even when on-premise software was prevalent.  This enterprise-grade software is effortless to use, and businesses can easily use without worrying about upgrades, infrastructure costs, implementation costs, or compatibility with platforms. Businesses just need to have an internet connection and with few clicks, their team will be up and running in no time. With sales teams increasing moving towards remote working capabilities. Managing a sales team remotely is no easy task but Zoho CRM ensures that the sales team stays productive wherever they are.

It is no secret that the sales team has to deals with time-consuming yet significant tasks. Which includes the such as scheduling sales appointments, sending follow-up emails, tracking contacts, and updating sale opportunities. To help them out in these mundane tasks, Zoho CRM turns out to be a big help as it empowers. The sales representatives to concentrate more on things such as creating and nurturing leads, closing deals, and growing their customer relationships. Using this software, sales personnel can quickly generate estimates and quickly turn them into proposals, and then orders. 

Some of the stand-out features of Zoho CRM Software that prove detrimental for Sales Workforce include:

Lead Management

The sales team using this software can easily generate, organize, and manage leads with ease. Using the software, the sales team can automate lead generation from multiple sources such as websites, social media, chats, and trade shows. With the lead scoring, leads can be distributed to the right representatives. And ensure that he/she won’t miss out on converting quality leads.

Deal Management

The sales team can have complete visibility of their deal pipeline in several ways. Thereby making it easier for them to get a complete hold of their deals in progress. Zoho CRM with a powerful analytics engine analyzes the past unsuccessful deals. Get useful insights, and reduce their chance of losing out valuable deals.

Account Management

Zoho CRM comes up with a range of sales account management features that are quite effective for sales representatives so that to understand their customers’ needs in a better way, address their problems. Execute account-specific activities, and improve their relationship with customers. This software allows the sales team to have all their account-based information in one place. Then they can execute their key account management.

Contact Management

Sales representative when prospecting with their contacts has become a whole lot easier with Zoho CRM best-in-class contact management feature. Like 96% of purchasing decisions depend on the initial conversations of the sales representative. Which they have with their contacts and they usually have just one chance to get it right. The sales team can manage their contracts, keep track of their interactions. And can communicate within the comfort of their CRM, and turn every first-time buyer into a customer for life. 

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