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Livpure Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known Organization in the Indian corporate world and is one of the most trusted manufacturers of water purifiers in India.

Livpure started under the SAR Group, has been formed with SAR Group’s passion for the environment and building a safer world for future generations with the core focus being water treatment, water purification & complete water management solutions for households and Corporates.

Another part of the SAR Group is Livguard, which with their offerings in automotive batteries, Inverters, and Inverter Batteries, Stabilizers, Residential Solar Solutions, are bringing in a new dimension of smart energy products.


Livpure was facing an issue with the customers in terms of product availability in a certain area and its delivery. The website displayed a static response to the customers about the estimated delivery time when they entered their Pincode in the check availability field.

Hence, they required us to provide a dynamic response within 3 seconds for estimated delivery time to the user while checking the availability of that product in all the warehouses and providing the minimum number of days it may take in comparison with the selected warehouses. 

Also, adding to the requirement they wanted us to integrate this functionality with Shiprocket for fetching the serviceable pincodes so that the customer can get a clear response about rather the product is deliverable in his/her area or not.

They had another requirement regarding Livguard which is similar to the above requirement but in addition, the products can be only delivered within a state only, i.e., the warehouse and customer’s Pincode should belong to the same state.


As for the solution we have used Zoho Catalyst for the implementation, and integration with Vinculum and Shopify. Next followed was its integration with Shiprocket.


Catalyst is a full-stack cloud-based serverless development tool that provides backend functionalities to build microservices and applications on various platforms. Catalyst adapts a BaaS (Backend as a Service) model and provides pre-written, universal, server-side components from a unified interface as programmable elements. 

Our estimated delivery time functionality is built on Zoho Catalyst which is also consisting the Datastore to maintain the relational database. 


Vinculum is a multi-channel retailing solution aimed at Omnichannel Retailing, Order, Inventory, WMS software, and Cross Border eCommerce. 

Vinculum System manages the product and warehouse details of Livpure. Hence Zoho catalyst function was integrated with the vinculum system for fetching the list of warehouses where the selected product was available.


Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce platforms in the world. It is a Software as a Service solution that offers merchants simple, integrated eCommerce solutions suited for online business development.

Livpure’s website is built with Shopify. Hence, the next integration of Zoho Catalyst was with Shopify, to display the functionality on the website to the users. 


Shiprocket is India’s leading eCommerce and logistics service provider. It works as an automated shipping platform for sellers, empowering them to import orders, schedule pickups, ship to 27000+ pin codes in India, and also manage their return orders in one place.

Livpure uses Shiprocket to deal with the delivery and orders. Hence, this integration was necessary to find out the list of serviceable pincodes in India according to Shiprocket, so that the customer could get the exact response if the product is deliverable in their area or not.


The basic workflow of our project looks somewhat  like this:

Let’s get into the workflow step by step:

  • The workflow was basically divided into three portions, i.e., the Livpupre website, Zoho Catalyst, and Vinculum System.
  • Zoho catalyst was our major portion as the Function was built on it and it was integrated with both Vinculum and Shopify.
  • The process starts when the customer fills up his/her pincode and clicks on the ‘CHECK’ button. Once the button is clicked the website sends the user’s pincode and selected product SKU code to Zoho Catalyst. 
  • The function gets both the pincode and SKU code and checks for the SKU code in Vinculum warehouses where the product is available using the vinculum API. The vinculum API provides a list of warehouses in which the selected product is available.
  • This list of warehouses is sent to the datastore of Zoho catalyst which is a relational database storing the number of days taken from all the warehouses present to all the serviceable pincodes. The function traverses the whole database and selects the minimum number of days taken for the particular Pincode. 
  • The minimum number of days is sent to the Shopify website which then is displayed to the user as a response to his click action on the screen. This whole process is being completed within 3 seconds, as the user needs to get a response within 3 seconds.


Pulling Shiprocket’s implementation off was kind of challenging. But we found the best solution after exploring various other methods for the integration. As shiprocket’s serviceable pincodes keep changing we needed to get all those serviceable pincodes. Hence, we thought of updating the database directly every 24 hrs at midnight, so the database can get updated with the serviceable pincode without making any damage to the customer experience.

This part was quite complex hence we have used algorithms in such a way that a minimum number of API calls are made to provide the best and most optimized result.


This is how the functionality works. A field is provided to check availability in which the user can enter the desired pincode and a check button that will provide the response accordingly.

If the user enters an invalid pincode or a pincode that is not serviceable, he/she will receive such a response:

This is how the user will receive the response for a serviceable pincode he/she entered. It shows the estimated delivery time to the user from the nearest warehouse where the product is available to the entered pincode.


As a result, we have successfully developed the functionality. Our solution worked and we succeeded in implementing the required functionality within the deadline and fulfilling all other requirements of our client. 

They were pleased with our work and we are continuing to get new requirements from them, successfully establishing our business relationship. 

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