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Patient Repository

In ERPNext Healthcare, the Patient document corresponds to any individual who is the recipient of the healthcare services you provide. For every document ERPNext Healthcare, it is important to have a Patient associated with it, after all these individuals are the ones who are diagnosed, and offered consultation by the hospital doctors. You can save pertinent information of every patient and with an integrated system like ERPNext, all data is accessible to everyone at one place.

Healthcare Practitioner

ERPNext Healthcare allows you to create multiple practitioners and link to a User with appropriate Roles. These are the doctors, nurses, ward boys who are serving the hospital unit in one way or another. You can restrict access to users based on their roles. You can ideally link the User to Employee document for the user to access Human Resources module so as to utilize the many features like Leaves, Payroll etc. All aspects covered with one software.

Practitioner Schedule

Physician Schedule will help you to configure the availability of Healthcare Practitioners. You can then select an applicable schedule for each practitioner. Based on the days and timings configured in the practitioner’s schedule, the system will block the appointment under the patient’s name for the practitioner.