Finance Plus: Now GST-Ready

for India’s new GST economy

From invoicing to order management to account, our integrated finance suite has all bases covered when it comes to your back office operations. As India is moving towards a GST-ready economy, we’ve added all the features you’ll need to make sure your business becomes—and stays—GST-compliant.


Create professional invoices, send automatic payment reminders, and accept online payments with Zoho Invoice.

Create beautiful invoices using templates
Manage Projects and track time
Receive online payments

Benefits of the Integrated Finance Suite for Businesses

Multiple apps, single platform

All Zoho Finance apps are built from the ground up to work together seamlessly. Information entered in one app will be reflected in the rest, which means your data is up to date at all times.

Improved quote-to-cash process

When salespeople generate quotes and orders in one application, they are immediately available in the others for appropriate teams to promptly fulfill the order, invoice the customer.

Subscription-economy ready

With the world moving toward a subscription business model, the Zoho Finance Suite equips you with a solid recurring billing solution while bridging the gap with traditional accounting.