Sanitaryware and Ceramic ERP – Taking Strict Control of all Business Activities

The ever-growing needs of the ceramic industry need to be catered by an effective ERP system, as there are a lot of complexities involved in the management of every process, starting from the procurement of the raw material to the delivery of the finished goods. Until a few years ago handling all these tasks through one platform was just a thought but thanks to ERP, it has now become possible. Sanitaryware ERP is a powerful management system that takes strict control of all business activities.

Extension Technologies is the most robust and dynamic sanitaryware and ceramic ERP solution provider catering to the growing and challenging needs of the business. We at Extension Technologies well understand that several operations are happening daily in the ceramic industry, right from purchasing and stocking, to production and transport, to budget and quality management, to sales and inventory, data from every process has to be efficiently managed and so our ERP solutions are highly rigorous and organized to keep business activities in complete check.

Highlighting Features of the Sanitaryware and Ceramic ERP

100 + Inbuilt and Customizable reports

Our ERP software allows better collaboration and communication between different departments of the huge sanitaryware manufacturing business. For smooth and hassle-free operations, businesses need to have better collaboration and effective integration across the departments.

Provide Data for Report Creation

It is significant for the sanitaryware and ceramic businesses to regularly analyze reports, so based on that they can make informed business decisions. Thus, our sanitaryware and ceramic ERP efficiently capture the transaction-level data and also provide valuable information essential for the creation of the reports.

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Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential for efficient business processes in right from manufacturing to distribution and from distribution to sales. Our sanitaryware and ceramic ERP will facilitate an efficient inventory management system and ensure smooth order management and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Smooth Transactions in Multiple Location

Sanitaryware and ceramic businesses are spread in multi-locations and so they have to accordingly deal with transactions and also have to manage the environment. To deal with the multiple location transactions and managing the environment our sanitaryware and ceramic ERP efficiently carry out these tasks in real-time.

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Sanitaryware and ceramic products are exported to different locations so businesses need to have a centralized system that smoothly handles the export requirements. Our ERP comes with a distinct feature that makes day to day operations of ceramic business seamless and hassles free.