What is Education CRM?

Education CRM is a customer-centric software tailored for the education industry. It allows professionals of this field to nurture relationships with prospects and enrollees, deliver data-driven insights to demonstrate progress towards goals, and streamline their admissions and marketing initiatives to save time and effort. If leveraged efficiently education CRM provides valuable insights about the customers of the institutions, therefore enabling them to develop strong and personalized relationships with both current and prospective students along with the alumni. This powerful tool empowers educational institutions to stay ahead of the competition in the industry.

Reasons to Use CRM for Education Industry

Manage Complete Lifestyle of Students from a Single Platform

Managing a complete student lifecycle is the most rigorous task for any educational institution, however with a CRM platform in place, it becomes quite easy to manage the complete student lifecycle from a single platform. Right from students’ academic documents, to course & program, to batch details, and to roll numbers along with other information necessary to facilitate the admission process, everything is smoothly carried out with the help of the CRM platform.

Inquiry Management

Educational institutes receive inquiries from different sources such as websites, social media, phones, and even through chats. The educational institutes first collect all inquiries and keep them in a place, so that they don’t miss out on any lead. Then they try to immediately go back to these inquiries. It is called speed to lead in marketing terms and in today’s competitive environment it is the most vital aspect for educational institutions. The flexible education CRM integrates all your lead generation channels and informs the admission team to quickly act upon the new inquiries.

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Tracking Student’s Behavior

Educational institutions very well know that every applicant is different and have specific motivations and intent. To have a good understanding of the applicants, institutions need to track their behaviors and actions on their websites and other communication channels. Admissions reps due to tracking of student behavior with the help of the CRM software get a context to their conversation with the applicants and marketing teams to align their marketing messages based on the data collected by tracking applicants’ actions. This gives the admission team an indication of the serious leads so they prioritize their tasks accordingly.

Personalized Communication

This is the most crucial and significant aspect of the education CRM that allows educational institutions to communicate with the students at scale. Educational institutions can personally reply to every query of the students, thereby clearing all their doubts without any delay. Thus, a virtual assistant like education CRM will answer all the queries of students with high relevance and without any error