Automobile CRM explained

In the automobile industry, your website generates substantial traffic. You capture many leads daily but, your sales numbers are dismal. Automobile CRM makes your life easier. It establishes a streamlined sales process which helps to realize a rising sales graph.

Steps By Steps

Lead Capture

Automotive CRM captures leads from all your channels. Be it your website, social media, advertisements, even from offline channels.

Lead Tracking

The software tracks every visitor, their interests, and how much time they spend on a particular page. Consequently, you know your website visitors as actual people, instead of just “traffic.”

Lead Segmentation and Distribution

Automotive CRM segments your leads based on your buyer’s interests and their location and then distributes them among your sales consultants. Your team receives a notification for the same. Sales consultants can now start their process at the earliest.

Lead Scoring and Prioritization

In the background, the software will assign a lead score based on your prospect’s activity on the website. For instance, if they are seeing the pricing page, the lead score will be high. It will prioritize the lead accordingly.

This creates a streamlined sales process for your team and increases their efficiency.

Track Sales Conversation

For every lead, the software will track the entire sales conversation. It will then generate a report for the same. This report serves as a valuable input in understanding your leads.

It divulges exclusive opportunities for you to connect with your prospects, based on their specific interests.

Dynamic Forms

In the first conversation, your sales team jots down every detail which helps them to understand your prospect’s expectations. Suppose, your prospect is interested in buying the Mercedes S Class. Your team will ask different questions to them when compared with someone who is looking for a lower-priced model.

Automotive CRM transforms this process into a targeted approach with dynamic forms. When the prospect shares his interests, the sales consultant will input it in the form. He will see only those questions that are formulated for that specific model. It makes their work simpler and efficient. Now, sales consultants would not have to ask any questions that are unrelated to your prospect’s interest. This ensures that the team is working according to predefined parameters.

Multiple Follow-Ups

A successful sale requires multiple follow-ups. CRM ensures that your team would not miss any of them. It alerts your team with notifications, emails and text messages.

With CRM, your team is well-connected to your leads for their entire journey.

Identify Up-sell and Cross-sell Opportunities

Post successful sale, Automotive CRM also helps in identifying the cross-sell and up-sell possibilities. For example, I bought a car from your dealership.

CRM will automatically notify the insurance team that I might be interested in buying insurance for my car.

Unified 360 Degree View

Since all these reports are integrated into Automotive CRM, you can easily track the complete buyer’s journey. This will help you in crafting future marketing campaigns that can engage your prospects more effectively.