Zoho CRM Software – A Web-Based Tool Automating Real Estate Business

Real estate businesses are not easy to deal with, as real estate agencies have to take care of the end-to-end process management, as right from handling incoming requests, preparing price quotes, and selling a property, multiple tasks need to be efficiently managed. Thus, to cater to their multiple requirements, real estate agents and firms can implement CRM software that can work wonders for them by allowing them smoothly manage their incoming leads, track interactions, and stay on top of vital tasks.

Zoho real estate CRM is designed and created exclusively for real estate businesses, as it automates the complete sales and marketing cycle and allows their teams to receive more bookings with less effort. With this exclusively designed real estate system, the marketing team of the real estate firms will be able to track their campaigns, monitor integrated sales and marketing reports, and send personalized communication to improve their real estate marketing ROI.

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Distinguish Features of the Zoho Real Estate CRM Software

Capture and Convert Leads

Zoho CRM’s extremely effective lead management features swiftly move leads through their sales pipeline. The leads are generated from different sources like social media, business cards, web forms, and website live chats, and transfer them into their Zoho CRM sales funnel. The leads are then automatically assigned to sales representatives with the help of predefined workflow rules, and make effective use of the lead scoring to find the prospects which their team needs to concentrate upon.

Easy Creation and Storage of Bills and Invoices

Real estate businesses with the help of Zoho CRM can easily complete their sales cycle by allowing their team to create and store quotes, invoices, price books, and bills in their accounts. Real estate firms can manage their post-sales processes with powerful inventory management features. The system also allows them to share quotes and invoices to prospects through custom email and invoice templates.

Automatic Leads Distribution

Zoho real estate CRM system automatically distributes property leads to the real estate agents and call center based on the company’s pre-defined criteria, thereby reducing the response time of the businesses. Leads can be distributed based on the type of property like residential or commercial, on sub-type like luxury or budget, location, along with some other preferences.

Powerful and smooth integrations

With the unified Zoho CRM interface, real estate firms can manage their complete sales cycle. The powerful integration provides businesses a comprehensive view of the available property, address, home-value, comparable homes. Besides, the Zoho Phonebridge feature allows real estate companies to choose from over 50 telephony providers, and include integrated click-to-call, automated call recording, and analytics to their Zoho CRM account.