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Take your School Online with Zoho Classes

Zoho Classes is a powerful yet easy-to-use education suite designed for students and teachers to bring the schools online at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the growing trend of e-schools, Zoho recently announced its new EduTech App called Zoho Classes, which is an especially designed education suite for teachers and students. This

 online school management software will enable teachers and students to collaborate online and be a part of the virtual classrooms right from the comfort of their homes.

This online school management software helps teachers and students to collaborate and attend classrooms while everything will be centrally monitored by the school administration. This education suite is a SaaS product is one single platform that helps create a class with the highest global security standards protecting user’s personal data like email and mobile numbers. The schools are able to centrally monitor all ongoing activities. This app is highly secure and private, as the invitation to join classes is possible through a direct link generated by the school.

Functions of this Indian Education App

Some of the common functions of the Zoho Classes include:

  • Broadcast live classes
  • Upload courses
  • Impart Video-lessons and deliver video content
  • Remote attendance
  • Chat platforms for students and teachers
  • Online fee collection
  • Assignment management tools
  • Project creation

Distinguish Features of Zoho Classes

Zoho ShowTime – With Zoho ShowTime feature, teachers can deliver real-time online classes with Q & A sessions, by sharing virtual class links with all the students of the class.

Daily People and Leave Management System – This feature of Zoho classes help teachers in taking daily attendance and in leave management system. Teachers can also share course modules, videos, PDF, or PPT with students.

Zoho Meetings – Teachers using this feature can connect with their students online through a video call and can also schedule webinars and meetings. 

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