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Get To Know About Your Potential Customer Through CRM

Organizations and customers share an important and interesting relationship. For organizations, customers are of great significance and they simply value their association. An organization never ignores their customers and their satisfaction is of great importance for them. A happy customer indeed helps companies to improve business and bring many more customers to them with CRM.

Now, the question is how to differentiate between a happy customer and a normal customer? It is not difficult to differentiate between the two, as companies need to get involved in smart work rather than hard work. Now the question is, where should they use smart work and how? All they need to do is to handle the list of leads properly and find the potential best out of them. Let us take an example; a company gets 1000 leads, in which some of the leads are not high. So then, it becomes complicated to target the big score leads only. Thus, businesses can use the ZOHO CRM system, which provides an extension of Profile Scoring System or lead scores. This helps to focus on high lead scores and organizations can capture potential customers systematically.

Let us discuss some of the ways CRM is helping businesses in calculating the leads:


It allows organizations to capture potential customers systematically. These attributes may be of different business sizes in terms of revenue or number of employees, location, brand value, vertical, etc. Each attribute may have distinct levels of consequence. So, it recommended to assign weights according to their importance.


It helps in studying the leads and to decide on according to it. Businesses have to study the data and check the higher score of the field. This will give them an idea about the lead scores, and then they can find the field where they have a high score of leads.


If companies sell to business, then advised to set an organization score. If their products and services are best suited for any company with more than 100 employees, then they can specify a high score for these values and a lower score to other values.

After businesses have done the scoring, ZOHO CRM rates all the organization and contacts on the 5 – star systems. The profile scoring enables the sales team to calculate the most valuable leads.

Profile Scoring helps to recognize the lead score based on the criteria set by an organization, which helps in categorizing leads, based on the specific pattern according to the needs of the businesses.

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