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5 Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Workplace Safe

Cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility in the office, and every employee should know about the online safety best practices. It will help them avoid becoming the next victim of a cyber-attack. Find below some of the tips to keep the workforce safe and to improve the cybersecurity defense of the organization.

Lock Portable Devices with Secure Pass-code –

Workplaces split between multiple locations and have even some remote employees. Irrespective of the office location, employees should make an effort to carefully secure their portable devices. Employees should always keep their portable devices like cell phones and laptops locked with a secure pass-code. Secure pass-codes can created in many ways like; some devices may have bio-metric scanners, or some devices may use a PIN or matrix pass-code for authentication. If employees are using a text password, they should make sure that it is unique for each account.  

Set up Multi-factor authentication 

Setting up multi-factor authentication is essential because without it user can access their account only with a username and password. Multi-factor authentication adds another layer of protection to Cybersecurity because more than one method of authentication required to verify a user’s identity for login.

Employees should remain cautious of links attached in emails –

Hackers commonly send links in emails to trick employees giving up their secure information. These links are generally in the form of banking statements, password recovery emails, and if an employee clicks on any of these links, they moved to a fake site that looks similar to its original one. Often such sites ask to login or provide private information, and once hackers get access to such information, they get access to the user’s account. Therefore, employees should be aware of the links in the emails.

Employees should vary their password –

Employees often find it easier to remember a single password for all of their different accounts, but they should know that it is not the secure option. They should adopt best practices and vary their password for the different accounts they use.

Use of online debit cards should avoided –

Another vital cybersecurity tip is regarding making online payments. While making an online payment, one should avoid using debit cards or any such payment method that is directly tied to their bank account. Instead, one should use an option that gives an extra layer of protection between hackers and their bank accounts. One can use a credit card or can make online payment methods like PayPal.

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