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5 Questions which needs to be asked by the Organization before buying and Implementing ERP System

The implementation of ERP system is not simple, it requires a lot of time and resources. One can learn more about the ERP during the training session taken by the demo provider. The best way to learn is to ask more and more questions during your classroom sessions, this will make you learn quicker, and you can easily learn to use ERP software. As we all know, ERP is very diverse and has a wide number of applications. Here are some top topics that grow into one’s mind during implementation or software evaluation session.

1. On-premise ERP or the Cloud ERP, which one is best?

Although cloud-based ERP is gaining popularity these days, some companies prefer to store their files narrowly because of some reasons like cost, security, and the firm’s need for customization. On-premise data storage is considered as an item of capital expenditure while cloud-based data storage is considered as an operating expenditure, now no need for additional expenses needed for the service. 

2. Are ERP system complex? What kind of support & training one can expect from the ERP provider?

Yes. ERP system is very complex. No matter how skilled you are, at some point, you will need some assistance. So, you must ensure that the vendors’ consultants are with you during implementation. You must also ensure that they will assist you in the future with their consultant’s advice. The complete end-user training session should be done via classroom sessions, on-site training, or remote sessions to make sure that the staff is confident enough to use the ERP system independently.  

3. How do we ensure that the budget for the ERP implementation project is worth it or not? 

ERP plans are infamous for the fact that, the budget most of the time in implementing them. According to Gartner’s research, about 54% of all ERP plans cost 191% of the total estimated budget. So, if you know the exact price of the project, you must begin with peace of mind. Therefore, it is recommended that you work with a firm that comprehends fixed-fee billing.

4. Does ERP Software Meet Business Requirements? 

This is one of the most important questions on the list. Most ERP system can function at basic levels. The biggest challenge faced by the business is to decide and determine, which system is best works for the business. For instance, if a company needs to follow many numerous governmental policies, then they need to find a system that can address all this in one go. A professional ERP Software provider can help you find the right ERP system after knowing your business fully. 

5. Can you list the functions that may be useful to my company?

ERP solutions, these days can expedite many business processes that one can think of. Most of the medium level organizations may need all of the functions. ERP functions might be too complex to use for a company. Eventually, the buying judgment has to be based on whether you’ll use all the features or not.

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