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5 Significant Ways Chatbots Businesses Respond During a Pandemic

The global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced human beings to practice social distancing and to stay safe and alert from this deadly virus. It is not only the masses that have been greatly affected due ...

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Simplify Managing Account GST with Zoho Books

Businesses often have to deal with accounting challenges and, to deal efficiently with this; they need simple GST ready accounting software. One such accounting software is Zoho Books. It is online accounting s...

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4 Unique Ways to Address the Workforce Skills Gap

Today organizations are struggling to find the worthy talented candidates to recruit within their organization. The skills of the workers are becoming outdated faster than ever, and the majority of the CEOs bel...

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CRM Plays a Significant Part in Shortening your Sales Cycle

It has gone through various reports that a good percentage of sales teams look to reduce their sales cycle, simply because longer sales cycles seem to be less effective. A long sales cycle expected to kill deal...