University of Fraser Valley is a highly reputed and fully accredited, public university located in British Columbia in Canada. UFV has campuses and locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, and Hope, along with a growing presence in Chandigarh, India . College is known for its excellent academic records offering bachelors, masters, diploma, and postgraduate programs in diverse streams like arts, business, social science, computer information systems, fine arts, health science, and science and technology, etc. 

Client: University of Fraser Valley  

Industry: Educational Institute  

Services: IT Services, Application Management System, ZOHO CRM  

The major problem the college was facing was in storing and maintaining the information of the students enrolling. Furthermore, they were also facing problems in tracking applicants’ activities during each stage. The inability to keep a complete track of the enrollment process of the applicants was a major setback for the institution, and so they were looking for some strong solutions that will help them out in their admission process. The college was looking for an effective applicant management system through which they can keep a check on the enrollment and admission process of all the applicants.   

Thus, our objective was to provide them with an effective applicants’ management system that will allow them to have a complete transparent admission process. With the help of the system, the college will be able to keep a track of every student seeking admission in the college, and the way through which they were enrolled in their choice of course. Some students were coming for admission, via agent recruitment quota or through recommendations, and so keeping records of such students was extremely difficult. Also, they were finding it difficult in checking the leads of the applicants if they filled the form twice.


We provided CRM software as a solution to them. While using the ZOHO CRM system the college was able to capture students’ lead that was coming through different sources like student referral, employee referral, or through agents. After collecting the lead from all the sources, the system checked for the course, which the students have selected. Right, from checking their eligibility to the availability of the seats in that course, every aspect was thoroughly checked through this system. If the system finds any applicant ineligible for that course, then that particular lead was transferred into junk lead. If the student was eligible for the course, then that lead was turned into a prospective lead, and the student was allowed to proceed with the filling of the application form and later proceed, with the other admission formalities like fee payment, and seeking allotment letter for the final admission. 

The final offer made to students was categorized as conditional and unconditional offer. In an unconditional offer, students were directly allowed to get enrolled in the college. In case of a conditional offer, students have to fulfill a few criteria, and upon fulfilling these criteria, the students were sent the confirmation mail from the college. If any student fails to fulfill these criteria, then the student was rejected and was notified through an email.   

Sometimes, when an applicant fills the form twice and for the university, it comes as two different leads from the same applicant. While using the ZOHO CRM system, it manages the data and can track all the activities of a particular applicant. It also checks, whether the form is filled once or twice by an applicant and helps the college to maintain the lead of the university.


Our CRM experts closely work with the admission department of the college to make the admission process smooth and transparent. Through the ZOHO CRM system, the college was able to efficiently manage all the leads collected through different sources and from the recruitment agents.

The proper integration of the ZOHO CRM System enables colleges to keep students’ records stage wise. A positive and constructive relationship was established, and we were able to cater to all the requirements of the college successfully.